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To Bare Or Not To Bare Continued – Fancy Feet!

Since the To Bare or Not To Bare post, I’ve tried and liked (with the exception that they can be challenging to put on quickly)ToeSox ( but I’ve just discovered these, They have two options of regular toe (no separation) or split toe (big toe is separated from the others) and they have some with sparkles! Continue reading “To Bare Or Not To Bare Continued – Fancy Feet!”

To Bare Or Not To Bare?

Ah, you’ve waited all day for your Pilates class. Finally, you can let go of the day,¬†kick off your shoes and… put on a special pair of socks? Some studios have strict policies regarding one’s feet. No socks, no service. Period. Bare feet are forbidden. Our studio has no such policy, never has, and probably never will. As it is, you’re free to bare your soles and you’re free to slip them into your studio-dedicated shoes, or into a gripping pair of ToeSox, and we feel everyone is ok with this, we’ve had no complaints, and no reported incidents of athlete’s foot, plantar warts, or any other fungal infections. Continue reading “To Bare Or Not To Bare?”

Pilates – The Documentary!

Exploring the essence of Pilates, this premiered¬†on October 10th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and it’s making¬†its way around the country and world, screening schedule here:¬†“This is a methodology for a lifetime… So if we’re better to ourselves, we can be better to the world around us.” It looks amazing, hope it finds its way to Seattle soon! Continue reading “Pilates – The Documentary!”

TEASERS! ~ There’s Barely Any Time Left ~ Giddy Up!

We’ve received some fantastic entries thus far, but there’s still time (6 days!) for all you procrastinators sitting, maybe even posing, on the fence out there.¬†Let me take a moment to remind you just what we’ll be looking for, and what you can win: CREATIVITY! Continue reading “TEASERS! ~ There’s Barely Any Time Left ~ Giddy Up!”

History of Pilates in Six Minutes ~ Animated!

Well, I don’t know why I’m surprised that there’s an animated History of Pilates in existence, but I’m certainly glad to have found it! I haven’t fact-checked everything that’s said in the video, but am led to believe they did do their homework, for the most part,¬†in putting this together. Continue reading “History of Pilates in Six Minutes ~ Animated!”

Summer 2013 ~ Our 1st Ever Teaser Photo Contest!

How’s your teaser? Have you dedicated yourself to improving yours,¬†vowing¬†to get to that next level? Maybe you’ve reached that 3rd¬†and final¬†level. Awesome.¬†Wherever you are on your teaser journey, here’s your chance to show the world! We are very excited to announce¬†Mind and Body Pilates’ first ever teaser photo competition! Continue reading “Summer 2013 ~ Our 1st Ever Teaser Photo Contest!”

More from Down Under – Women – Explore Your Pelvic Floor – How and Why

A deeper exploration than may be necessary,¬†I found this¬†to¬†be¬†one of the more thorough¬†pelvic floor¬†discovery¬†and strengthening videos out¬†there, and who doesn’t enjoy¬†listening to an¬†Australian accent? This truly is¬†Pelvic Floor 101,¬†and she’s not shy about the language (I found “back passage” to be kind of endearing) or telling you to touch yourself, think Divinyls¬†(also Australian) but if you have any doubt about how your pelvic floor works, why it’s important,¬†or how to activate these crucial muscles it’s worth watching. Continue reading “More from Down Under – Women – Explore Your Pelvic Floor – How and Why”

Do you Pee during workouts? or some info about your Pelvic floor.

One of my clients sent me a link to a video with the above title in which they talk about that very issue. While on one hand, it was great to have women be up front about this, it was also maddening to me that in the interviews there was no mention of the possibility of some work and exercise to minimize this problem. And believe me, it is a big problem that women and men don’t mention in polite society.

How is your Pelvic Floor?

If you think of your Pelvis bones as a big bowl in which the bottom is cut out, you have a general idea of it shape. The pelvic floor is a series of muscles which create a sort of hammock which keeps your genitals and other guts from falling out onto the floor. And for most women after childbirth, those muscles got a little bit too stretched out for their own good leading to a little pee problem. And for most of us, the muscles of the pelvic floor get a little lazy. Oh yes, by the way – MEN HAVE PELVIC FLOORS TOO AND OFTEN HAVE A LITTLE PEE PROBLEM. Continue reading “Do you Pee during workouts? or some info about your Pelvic floor.”