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Summer 2013 ~ Our 1st Ever Teaser Photo Contest!

How’s your teaser? Have you dedicated yourself to improving yours, vowing to get to that next level? Maybe you’ve reached that 3rd and final level. Awesome. Wherever you are on your teaser journey, here’s your chance to show the world! We are very excited to announce Mind and Body Pilates’ first ever teaser photo competition!

What we’ll be looking for in your teaser photo:
~ Form (while important, creativity will trump!)
~ Setting (we love the tractor teaser, so think outside the mat!)
~ Photo quality (it needs to be in focus!)
~ Facial expression (it’s easy to forget your face in this kind of photo, so don’t!)

Yes, there will be prizes!!!
1st Prize ~ 8 Class Card; 2nd Prize ~ 5 Class Card; 3rd Prize ~ 3 Class Card

Sure perfect is a goal, but we’re all where we are, and there will always be things to work on… So get your best teaser on, be it half or full – shoot it and post it on our Facebook page (pretty simple even if you’re not that familiar with Facebook – simply go to our page, choose photo/video, browse/select the photo on your computer and upload!) Post photos through Sunday, August 18th. Winners will be announced Monday, August 26th. Have fun, and good luck! Can’t wait to see your photos!

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