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Private Sessions

Pilates, at the most fundamental level, is a series of very specific exercises executed on a mat or on specialized Pilates equipment. The exercises have a specific sequence, breath, and flow. There are a large number of exercises on the mat and the various apparatus that now are recognized as the 'Pilates classical repertoire'. Joe Pilates had several 'master students' who, in the tradition of their innovative teacher, went on to develop specific exercises which have now been passed down to us as valid exercises in their own right.

All of these exercises have at their heart the goal of developing deep, stabilizing core strength in the abdominals and the low back. The idea of deep focus and awareness is basic to all Pilates exercises. Breathing, which unites the mind and body, is the vehicle by which core strength is discovered, developed and maintained.


There are two ways of learning Pilates: Matwork and private training. Mat sessions provide the basic fundamentals of a Pilates session; it is taught in a class setting with other students. For a more personalized workout try the Reformer training, i.e. private personal training.

The Reformer training provides a one on one Pilates workout. Our trainer will work with you to achieve your fitness goals with challenging and unique Pilates exercises. Our studio uses traditional Pilates machines such as the Reformer, Trapeze Table, the Wunda chair, the Ladder Barrel, and Step Barrel.

Our studio has several well-trained and qualified instructors with various backgrounds and experiences. Generally, new clients are encouraged to purchase the introduction package of 5 sessions. Sessions are scheduled with the same instructor to ensure a quality and consistent Pilates session.