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TEASERS! ~ There’s Barely Any Time Left ~ Giddy Up!

We’ve received some fantastic entries thus far, but there’s still time (6 days!) for all you procrastinators sitting, maybe even posing, on the fence out there. Let me take a moment to remind you just what we’ll be looking for, and what you can win: CREATIVITY!
~ Form (while important, creativity will trump!)
~ Setting (we love the tractor teaser, so think outside the mat!)
~ Photo quality (it needs to be in focus!)
~ Facial expression (it’s easy to forget your face in this kind of photo, so don’t!)~ Costumes are not required, but wouldn’t it be fun? 🙂
1st Prize ~ 8 Class Card; 2nd Prize ~ 5 Class Card; 3rd Prize ~ 3 Class Card

We’re excited! How excited? Well, it’s been decided that anyone who enters the contest will automatically win one free class! One. Free. Class. Awesome! Giddy up!

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