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Mind and Body Pilates offers Classes, Small Group Classes and Private Pilates Sessions (which can also be done as Duets or Trios).  We offer Class cards of varying amounts and have  few 'combination' packages.  We also have a few Introductory Packages.  All of these Class cards and Packages are in the 'online store' of our online system - MindBody Online (which you can access here).  In the online store, click on 'series' for class cards or 'packages' for our combo packages and introduction packages.

ALL CLASS CARDS AND PACKAGES HAVE A 4 MONTH EXPIRATION DATE. This means you will need to estimate how many sessions you think you will attend in that 4 months.

YOU SHOULD REGISTER FOR EVERY CLASS.  YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR 'NO-SHOWS' AND 'LATE CANCEL' SESSIONS.  However, the cancellation window is 3 hours if you need to cancel your registration.

You may pay online (with credit card) or at the studio when you come in to class (with card, cash or check).  If you bring payment to the studio, you will need to 'register as unpaid' for the registration to go through.

CLASS CARDS (not including Sales tax)

Drop-in Class - $28.00

5-Class Card - $105.00 ($21.00/class)

10-Class Card - $192.00 ($19.20/class)

20-Class Card - $360.00 ($18.00/class)

35-Class Card - $528 ($15.09/class) (strict 4 month expiration)

Senior Discount 10-Class Card (72 and older) - $145.00 ($14.50/class)

Student Discount 10-Class Card - $140.00 ($14.00/class)



3-Class Trial Package (2 week expiration) - $30.00

5-Class Card Intro - $72.00


INTRODUCTORY  PACKAGES (not including Sales tax)

1  45-minute intro private - $62.00

3  45-minute privates - $180.00 ($60/session)

3   45-minute Duets for couples  - $198.00 (6 sessions total must be booked as a duet)

SMALL GROUP (Wednesdays 10:30 am ONLY)

Single - $25.00

5-pack - $110.00

10- pack $200.00

PRIVATE/ DUET/ TRIO SESSIONS (not including Sales tax)

These sessions are 45 minutes long.  Generally one should arrive 10 minutes early before the session to stretch, warm up (or do your pre-set warm-up) to be ready to workout at the set time.  You will often be given an additional stretch at the end of your session.  The total time in the studio will be around 60 minutes.  THE CANCELLATION WINDOW ON THESE SESSIONS IS 24 HOURS.  You will be charged for late-cancels or no shows.  Also, if you sign up for a duet or trio but you are the only client, you will be charged for a private.  (Usually, people who sign up for a duet or trio have their duet or trio partners already arranged.)  Ongoing clients are invoiced monthly.

Private - $70.00

Private 5 pack - $320.00

Private 10 pack - $620.00

Duet - $44.00

Duet 5 pack  - $205.00

Duet 10 pack - $390.00

Trio - $40.00

Trio 5 pack - $175.00

Trio 10 pack - $330.00

Trio Senior (72 and older) $154.00

Quartet - $33.00

Quartet 5 pack $155.00

Quartet 10 pack $297.00