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More from Down Under – Women – Explore Your Pelvic Floor – How and Why

A deeper exploration than may be necessary, I found this to be one of the more thorough pelvic floor discovery and strengthening videos out there, and who doesn’t enjoy listening to an Australian accent? This truly is Pelvic Floor 101, and she’s not shy about the language (I found “back passage” to be kind of endearing) or telling you to touch yourself, think Divinyls (also Australian) but if you have any doubt about how your pelvic floor works, why it’s important, or how to activate these crucial muscles it’s worth watching. Continue reading “More from Down Under – Women – Explore Your Pelvic Floor – How and Why”

Do you Pee during workouts? or some info about your Pelvic floor.

One of my clients sent me a link to a video with the above title in which they talk about that very issue. While on one hand, it was great to have women be up front about this, it was also maddening to me that in the interviews there was no mention of the possibility of some work and exercise to minimize this problem. And believe me, it is a big problem that women and men don’t mention in polite society.

How is your Pelvic Floor?

If you think of your Pelvis bones as a big bowl in which the bottom is cut out, you have a general idea of it shape. The pelvic floor is a series of muscles which create a sort of hammock which keeps your genitals and other guts from falling out onto the floor. And for most women after childbirth, those muscles got a little bit too stretched out for their own good leading to a little pee problem. And for most of us, the muscles of the pelvic floor get a little lazy. Oh yes, by the way – MEN HAVE PELVIC FLOORS TOO AND OFTEN HAVE A LITTLE PEE PROBLEM. Continue reading “Do you Pee during workouts? or some info about your Pelvic floor.”

Stretch Your Pike Up With Some Upward Dog!

So maybe you’re not quite up to doing TRX Pike Ups quite yet; perhaps you’re a work in progress (as we all are) perfecting your basic plank, building up strength to reach the “nasty” plank level. Wherever you are on the plank path, you’ll find the control and gracefully executed movement demonstrated here, well… uplifting. Brooke Siler wrote in The Pilates Body, “Remember that with the power of your mind you can bring anything to light, so see your goal and then work to achieve it.”
Strengthen and stretch yourself in all you do.

Pilates Philippines is a Youtube channel we admire. She will often combine classical Pilates with other modalities in interesting and amazing ways. And her form is always very, very good. We’ll be posting more of her videos.