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To Bare Or Not To Bare?

Ah, you’ve waited all day for your Pilates class. Finally, you can let go of the day, kick off your shoes and… put on a special pair of socks? Some studios have strict policies regarding one’s feet. No socks, no service. Period. Bare feet are forbidden. Our studio has no such policy, never has, and probably never will. As it is, you’re free to bare your soles and you’re free to slip them into your studio-dedicated shoes, or into a gripping pair of ToeSox, and we feel everyone is ok with this, we’ve had no complaints, and no reported incidents of athlete’s foot, plantar warts, or any other fungal infections. Continue reading “To Bare Or Not To Bare?”

Pilates – The Documentary!

Exploring the essence of Pilates, this premiered on October 10th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and it’s making its way around the country and world, screening schedule here: “This is a methodology for a lifetime… So if we’re better to ourselves, we can be better to the world around us.” It looks amazing, hope it finds its way to Seattle soon! Continue reading “Pilates – The Documentary!”