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What Love feels like

Do you want to know what gay love feels like? To be in love with someone of the same sex? This is what it feels like.

It feels like reaching for someone’s hand in the movie theatre and finding that hand reaching for yours.

It feels like looking at him across the room and see him smile and you smile too and the crowd disappears.

It feels like trying to figure out where he put the damn spatula this time and laughing about it a couple hours later.

It feels like wishing you didn’t have to leave the warm comfortable bed where he is still sleeping.

It feels like feeling special when you’re together – in a crowd, at the ballet, or at home watching TV.

It feels like laughing when you thought you were crabby.

It feels like trying to be your better self because you want to be your better self for him.

It feels like you’ve just met but you can’t remember how long you’ve been together.

It feels like a confusion of legs and arms in bed – a pile of puppies all happily tangled up in each other.

It feels like wanting to sort out your own shit so you don’t project it on to him.

Is that different from straight love? I don’t know – you tell me. Does love have a particular face or shape or color? I don’t know. . .

I only know what it feels like to me and to me gay love feels like what it looks like your love must feel like – the smile, the hand, the lips, the eyes.

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