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Sore Again

Jude and I did Crossfit on Friday noon and then again on Saturday morning. I was not too sore from earlier in the week but Jude was pretty sore from CF on Thursday night and then Cardio Pilates on Friday Morning.

To finish off the week, we did ‘the stairs’ on Capitol Hill. Seattle has lots of outdoor stairs because we have so many hills. And these particular stairs are popular for getting a workout. Actually there is a pair of stairs a block apart each going up about 13 flights although I am not sure what that actually elevation change is.

Anyway, we are training for the Columbia Tower stair climb ( in March. It is 69 floors and it ends up being mostly a sprint. I did it 2 years ago with a 12 minute time. My goal is to cut that down to at least 10 minutes. So I have been sprinting up the Capitol hill steps for the past few weeks getting back into shape. Yesterday, I did 12 ‘laps’ – some sprinting, some walking but all taking 2 steps at a time. It is a great workout!

Today, I am not sore in my legs but my triceps and upper body is a bit sore from Crossfit yesterday. I’ll stretch it out when I do my Pilates workout with a couple of clients.

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