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Precision versus Speed?

I just came back from Crossfit where, as usual, we had an intense workout: 8 rounds of 20 second intervals(with a 20 second rest in between each exercise) of: Deadlift high pulls, Push-ups and v-ups (teasers by Pilates terminology). Doesn’t sound like much but I was grunting and swearing up a storm. During my rest intervals, I was observing the other Crossfitters especially the really strong power boys. I realize that Crossfit tends to choose power and speed over technique and precision where Pilates emphasizes just the opposite. Is it better to choose one over the other? I don’t honestly know. Because I teach Pilates, the technique choice makes more sense to me in the long run.

During the push-up sequence, I was really paying attention to my technique because when I was working with my trainer at Athletic Engineering, we discovered that the lower fibers of my right Serratus anterior (kind of the armpit muscle) are not engaging which makes my right shoulder ‘wing out’ and have started causing some impingement problems. So I was really getting to full extension on my pushups and really focusing on my armpit area. It made the work so much harder and I think once I get over being sore in the next few days, it will make my shoulders function so much better.

Clearly, power and speed and precision and technique are all critical. My hypothesis is that by doing both Pilates and Crossfit and Yoga and Functional training, I will continue to work on my body in all of the ways necessary to keep me healthy and functional and strong and flexible as I age. ‘Cause I ain’t getting any younger!

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