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Day 6! – 5-50s. The June Challenge

It is now day 6 of our challenge. It is definitely easier doing them earlier in the day that at the end of the day. Doing my 50s last night after my 7:30 class was challenging. But I am finding that 50 is a great number. The first 20 fly by and then in a few more reps you’re halfway done. For me, at 30 reps, while it is getting really hard, I know I can make it because it is only 10 more reps and then I am in my final 10 reps.

To be sure, those last sets are groups of 3 or 4. For my pushups last night, it was a set of 20, then up to 26, then 33, then 37, then 40, 43, 46, 48 and finally 50. It is over before you know it even if it feels like it lasts forever.

You can choose any exercises you want. My posts here are simply to give you some options and ideas for your exercises.

For day 6, I was thinking Blanket Extravaganza (assuming you have hardwoods at home). If you have carpet, you can actually use paper plates for your feet. They slide surprisingly well on the carpet.

  • 50 Full Rollups or some ab exercise
  • 50 Sumo squats (with or without weight)
  • 50 Shoulder blade drags with knees on the blanket and shoulders dragging the body forward and back
  • 50 Hamstring curls – on your back in a bridge. Make sure you use your arms and shoulders anchoring into the floor to keep yourself stable
  • 50 Blanket knee stretches. Flip over again; hands on the floor and toes on the blanket. Slide toes forward and back with knees off the ground.

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