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Day 11. 5- 50s. Halfway there.

Day 11. I hope you have been doing your 50s. I must admit that it is hard to make myself do them in addition to my regular workouts. And then I tell myself that it doesn’t have to be super hard and I don’t have to go for speed. And it is only 10-15 minutes. So keep at it.

Surprisingly my abs have been sore which is nice since it takes a lot for my abs to get sore. For the 50s, remember I recommend:

  • 50 of some Abdominal exercises
  • 50 1- Upper Body exercise
  • 50 1- Lower Body exercise – usually squats of some kind
  • 50 ‘Dealers Choice’ which usually means upper body for me
  • 50 ‘Dealers Choice’ which will either be another Abdominal exercise or one more Upper body exercise.

I am happy to report that overall, something as simple as 15 minutes of focused hard exercise done daily can really make a difference. I think I might try to make this a lifestyle change for me.
Don’t give up! Do your 50s!

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