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5-50s – Day one/June 1.

So here is the workout for the June challenge. See below for modifications.

  1. 50 air squats. Just basic but fast squats
  2. 50 situps. Any kind that you can do well!
  3. 50 pushups. I’m going to do floor pushups but you could do countertop or dining table height pushups or wall pushups at the studio
  4. 50 dips or tricep dips. Hands on the edge of a chair (make sure the chair doesn’t slide away) or full on ring dips (I’m gonna do ring dips but with a band for full depth)
  5. 50 oblique scissor legs. Both arms to the side of one leg. Scissor legs – each leg up counts as 1/2. Do 25 on each side.

Go for time. These are not overly complicated exercises so you can get some speed on them if you wish. Post your time (with any modifications) to our FB page.
Should take maybe 15 minutes max. Easy schmeasy.

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